New York Snow Update: Due to the consequences of giant mountains of snow descending upon our heads again, New York City alternate side parking regulations have been suspended on Friday, Jan. 14th and Saturday, Jan 15th. New York auto transport services are likely to be affected by the situation, since the snowdrifts at each road leave little space for maneuvering. For more information on snow regulations, check the link in the title.

In other news, Virginia’s state government is rethinking its infrastructure investments, to the interest and consternation of the state’s truckers. Drivers that pass through Virginia over Interstate 81 say that they can hear the highway crying for upkeep over the din of traffic. Governor Bob McDonnell has said that the new priorities will be making crucial highways drivable again. If this promise materializes, this will make Virginia auto transport more of a straightforward driving task and less of a pothole-dodging slalom.