New Rail Project in Detroit

Posted in January 21st, 2011
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Something’s being built in Detroit for a change. The Federal Transit Administration has approved $25 million towards a light rail system in the city, with the money coming from a transportation reinvestment fund established as part of the federal stimulus bill from 2009.

Ironically considering the city’s claim to prominence, Detroit’s city fathers are relying on this mass transit project to help revive the region by encouraging the creation of businesses and residences along the line, as well as pump more visitors towards existing attractions. There’s no word on what all the digging and tossing will mean for Michigan drivers or Michigan auto transporters.

The projected cost of the rail system is 450 million dollars, and the city has attracted a dare-devil squad of private investors who are willing to put up 20% of the cost to get the project off the ground.

Detroit residents are cautiously optimistic about the new infrastructure, with one resident saying that it was necessary “if we want to be even a mediocre city.”