The State Legislature of New Jersey is planning to hold hearings into the bumbling response to the blizzard of two weeks ago. As feet of snow fell upon the state, the government was caught in the middle of other pursuits. Hundreds of vehicles were stranded in the snowdrifts and had to be towed off unplowed roads by New Jersey auto transport trucks. Given the amount of precipitation in the North-East this winter, it’s a good idea for the state authorities to come up with a plan.

In news of disasters brought on by an excess of heat, an overpass along the BeachLine expressway in Florida was damaged and in need of repair as a result of a giant tanker truck explosion last Friday. The Florida Department of Transportation has an emergency fund for fiery mishaps, and has allocated $2.19 million towards repairs. The contractor is obligated to finish the work by February 19 or face stiff penalties. Until then, traffic on the expressway will be significantly obstructed, so some of our Florida auto transport routes to and from Orlando may end up temporarily changing until the work is complete.