Idaho Opens Up to Huge Cargo

Posted in January 19th, 2011
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The Idaho Transportation Department said today that it has approved the shipment of two giant turbines through the state, on the way to their eventual destination at Canadian oil sand fields.
The loads in question are three stories tall and the length of a football field. A cortege for a shipment like this includes several specialized tractors, and a swarm of auxiliary vehicles such as police cruisers, command cars and even ATVs. The megaload itself sits on top of an unimaginably vast platform with hundreds of wheels. The juggernaut usually takes up the entire width of the road; as it progresses, crews of workers hustle ahead to take down power lines and reinforce bridges for its passage.
The process of heavy equipment transportation is about as subtle as an alien invasion, as can be seen from the many videos uploaded on Youtube by fans of such undertakings. Idahoans are unhappy about being rolled over, and many citizens did their best to prevent the turbines from passing through Their Backyards, especially since the route takes them through some of the last scraps of unspoiled wilderness remaining in the nation.
The decision, however, was not in their favor. Nothing can halt progress, it appears, especially if it comes in the form of an unstoppable Emmert International rig carrying 1.4 million pounds of rugged steel. Reportedly, the company eventually plans to move 200 more such devices to Canada, to catch every drop of the crude. If this happens, Idaho, which already has the 7th-lowest population density in the nation, may become even more deserted.