Trucking Company Introduces New Containers

Posted in October 5th, 2010
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Trucking has recently rebounded from the lows of 2008, with the FTR Associates’ Trucking Conditions Index, which measures the overall health of the trucking environment, increasing slightly to 2.3 – a positive value.

Recently, major trucking company C.R. England has announced an upgrade to its shipping technology – the TempStack temperature-controlled container. The TempStack is an intermodal transportation solurion, which means that it can be shipped both by rail on flatbed cars (which allow the containers to be double-stacked) and on the roads by auto transporters. The refrigerated containers come equipped with 120-gallon refrigerator fuel tanks which allow the refrigeration units to run 2.5 times longer without refueling. C.R. England have started deploying the containers and the corresponding trucking rigs and other truck parts & accessories, and will have 300 of the new units by the end of the first quarter of 2011.

Company spokespeople have expressed confidence in the new technology and expect significant growth in the future.