Choosing the Right Transport Company

Posted in March 19th, 2010
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Consumers currently have more information available at their fingertips than any other time in history. This is substantially beneficial when searching for a company to transport automobiles. Various resources can supply vital information to the public including company size, safety records and ratings, US Department of Transportation Identification Number, the type of cargo carried, and physical address of the business. Safety information includes number of accidents and additional details such as whether they were fatal or required a tow. This information is all public record on the U.S. government information Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System at www. Company searches can be conducted using the company name, USDOT number or MC/MX number.

While this statistical information can be very helpful, others might prefer written reviews from actual past customers. For such a resource, consumers should turn to where a forum allows both the customer to post comments and the auto transport company to respond. Additional information such as government license and insurance information can also be obtained at This information is supplied by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and includes length of time in service. The information on differs from that on the Better Business Bureau site by allowing the public to view customer complaints and by giving comprehensive ratings based not just on complaints, but on compliments as well. This is not to say that the BBB should not be considered, but that information beyond what the BBB publishes is also available to the public. Care and caution is taken to ensure that reviews and posts meet certain requirements so as to maintain the integrity of the content.