CARS / Teamsters : Teaming Up for Safety

Posted in March 10th, 2010
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Indeed, the American auto bail-out is months behind us, but the automobile industry onion continues to un-peel. The latest issue to surface centers around auto transport safety practices. In early March, Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety (CARS) aligned with the Teamsters Union to launch a campaign encouraging better safety regulations for cars in transit. Previously, Fiat/Chrysler used professional carries to transport their fleet of available vehicles. In an effort to save money on transportation, Fiat/Chrysler began using auto transporters with less experience, less knowledge, and subsequently, more leniency within their safety protocols. A nine-page report, “Damaged When Delivered?”, reveals the unnoticeable harm that vehicles might incur when transported improperly. This includes damage to the frame, axles, tires and other components, which ultimately leaves unsuspecting consumers with reduced safety and/or additional repair costs.

In an effort to halt some of the damages and shine some light on the recent business practices of the auto industry, the Teamsters Union will be releasing monthly reports detailing transportation safety. The reports are scheduled to begin in April, and will be conducted with the assistance of CARS representatives and will include reviews of data and on-site audits. Individuals who have already been negatively impacted because their vehicles, or vehicles of those they loved, malfunctioned due to sloppy transportation are speaking out in an effort to protect others from going through similar tragedies. CARS has provided a place where consumers can gather and express group concerns. The Teamsters Union has also expressed it’s concern that the short-term financial savings for Chrysler will be heavily outweighed in the long-run as consumers lose faith regarding the ways in which the vehicles are being transported to the dealerships. Similarly, dealership owners, presidents, and sales managers across the country have appealed to the CEO of Chrysler Group asked that the brand be protected by returning to the previously used professional car-haul carriers.